Professional Photography and Videography for Stunning and beautiful visuals

Based in Singapore, our team, comprised of skilled professionals, specializes in creating stunning and beautiful visuals through professional photography and videography services. Our professional photographers and videographers are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Through close collaboration with clients, we gain a deep understanding of their needs, allowing us to provide customized visual content. Our expertise extends to professional video productions, ensuring each project meets the highest standards. Our diverse portfolio includes commercial photography, corporate photography, aerial photography, videography, and professional portrait photography, all aimed at capturing beautiful visuals.

Professional Photography and Videography Portfolio

Aerial Videography and Photography

Aerial footage for industrial productions of construction machinery testimonial video
Our professional videographer filmed the aerial footage while the excavators are in motion.
Professional aerial photography Singapore and videography for security vessel. Visuals for marketing material of a vessel travelling in high speed in sea captured by a drone.
Marketing and product photo and video production services of 35m security vessel captured while travelling at high speed. This vessel is built by SAM Aluminium.
Semakau Landfill taken in 2022 from the west. Professional photography Singapore for landscape photography.
Professional aerial photography and videography with drone at Semakau Landfill. Permits from CAAS acquired before the shooting with NEA began.

Aerial videography and photography with unmanned aerial vehicles capture unique perspectives, therefore enabling the viewers to have a refreshing view of the products. The experience of professional photographer and videographer becomes very important, especially in a dynamic environment, i.e. in the ocean or a construction site. Therefore the ability to react to rapid changes is key to capturing breathtaking footage that can help to sell the products.

Commercial Photography

landscape architecture photography of nature parks, featuring the architectural and landscaping designs of the rifle range nature park in Singapore by  commercial photographers
Rifle Range Nature Park provides an exciting opportunity to view Singapore’s rich biodiversity of natural beauty.
Commercial project for an architecture photoshoot singapore of Public housing by HDB
Trivista at Kallang is part of our architecture photography project in public housing for HDB.
commercial photoshoot for retail shop interior designs by our Singapore interior photographer and videographer.
Intimate lifestyle interior for retail space which caters towards a younger crowd at the shopping malls.

Professional photography Singapore for commercial photography

professional portrait photographer for commercial photography with a group of dancers in studio. advertisement images for theatre performance publicity
An eclectic group of performers, dressed in avant-garde costumes, posing dramatically for commercial portrait photography

Corporate Photography

Corporate portrait Singapore of Sony MD, Mr Uemura at the singapore sony building lobby. editorial corporate portrait use for magazine.
We photographed this corporate portrait of Sony MD, Mr Uemura in the lobby. The main objective was to capture his portrait together with the interior space. The result was pleasing as an image of this series of portraits was used as the cover for HRM magazine.

Professional Headshot

Monochrome black and white studio portrait photography for corporate headshots. Location studio portraiture taken during a Asian Pacific and Japan Leaders' conference in Singapore. Business corporate headshot photoshoot for individual portrait.
At every portraiture session, we strive to produce engaging business headshots of our clients. Everyone has different facial features, thus it is important to adjust the lighting for each individual. For instance, in this series of location studio portrait shoots for Dell Technologies APJ Leaders’ conference. the general lightings are similar but they are all slightly different.

Corporate Videography

corporate events photography and videography at Singapore fintech festival with Idea Ink and MAS, Tuckys Photography
In our professional video production services, such as this, we capture the active engagement of the Minister at the MAS Pavilion St SFF x Switch 2019. Footages like these add testaments to show that the works are well received. Check out our Corporate videography here

Professional Photography Singapore and Professional Video Productions for Industrial

Singapore professional Industrial photography of aerospace aircraft engine. Professional photography Singapore showing people at work at Rolls-royce Aerospace hub in Singapore
Environmental shot of the engine test cell at the Singapore aerospace facilities. This is a creative editorial photo shoot of Rolls-Royce aerospace engine servicing facilities in Singapore.
Industrial construction video documentation
The road under the bridge was closed before our Professional Photographer and Videographer start the Industrial Construction videography documenting the heavy lift construction at the Gallop extension.
LEPL Gallop precast bridge extension
This is another heavy lift procedure for a precast bridge at Gallop extension. With our experience from many previous heavy lift videography and photography sessions, we are able to understand the need of the client to document the entire process. Such industrial videography commissions can pose a certain level of danger. Hence it is always important to follow all safety guidelines during the filming.

Marine photography and videography

shipyard servicing and maintaining. ship servicing images. professional  videography for marine and shipping industry by Professional Photographer and Videographer from Tuckys
Closeup view of the painting crew applying the bottom outer paint onto the vessels. The top coat of green is already applied and allowed to dry before the bottom outer coat commenced. The Professional Photographer and Videographer on site need to know the process in advance so that they will know when are the necessary images and footage to capture to illustrate the full process.
Heavy Lift for Wem Marine Catamaran
Heavy Lift for two units of twin hull catamaran onto Japanese transport vessel. Industrial processes like these can be difficult to explain to clients. However to show the entire process can be too tedious, especially when such a marine process can take place over a few days. Therefore it is crucial to create short and simple industrial video production services like these because they are easy to view and digest by the audience.

Professional Photography with Portraits

Professional Photography Singapore and Professional Video Production Services

Our professional photographer and videographer specialize in various genres of photography. Such as aerial photography and drone videography for marine craft as well as architecture and landscape. At the same time, we also have creative professionals who specialize in underwater portrait photography and theatre productions. Our experience in a wide genre, therefore, allows us to understand the different needs in a different industry. Thus enabling us to provide suitable recommendations to our clients to get the best results. Here is a quick overall look at the wide scope of services that we had done over.

Professional Video production services for Theatre

Theatre video production services for archival of Kingdoms Apart for the newly open Singtel waterfront theatre.
Professional video production services for the archival of Kingdoms Apart for the newly open Singtel waterfront theatre.
Screenshot for theatre performance video on demand
A proper colour graded theatre video not only helps in giving the viewers a better visual experience. It also allow them to see the full effects of the lighting that the creative team had done.

Professional Videography

Professional video production services Singapore for conference, by tuckys
A close-up shot of a man taking a photo of the beautiful graphic recording that was done just minutes ago.

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