Professional Photographers and Videographers


Professional photographers and videographers from Tuckys Photography seek to provide the best marketing visuals for our clients. We work with our clients to understand their needs. So that we can provide most suited images and videos for their marketing and publicity contents. The success of each campaign lies in the ability to attract targeted audience by conveying the correct information.

Various Genre of photography and videography

Artistic Architecture photography for commercial photo shoot projects | corporate photographer
Introducing in human elements into architecture not only helps to create perspective, but also helps to liven up the shots. The beautiful morning sun and cyclist along the PCN, also suggested that the architecture successfully integrated healthy living facilities into the estate.
Advertising portrait photography for fitness products shot on location with studio lighting, environmental commercial sports portraiture
In this advertisement portrait, we have the talents photographed with another equipment in the background.
corporate lifestyle photography of man welding. industrial photography shot in a steel factory
Mechanic welding the I-beams before sending them off to construction site.
underwater portrait photography for two swimming mermaid, by professional photographer and videographer,professional portrait photography, tuckys photography
Two mermaids frolicking in the water, under the beautiful sun beams
professional corporate portrait photography for Singapore minister, tuckys Photography
The majestic Singapore city skyline towering over the old shop houses next to the Singapore river. This contrast illustrate the success of Singapore from a small fishing village to a successful nation with establish trading networks. What would be a better background than this for the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Our professional photographers and videographers specialize in various genre of photography. Such as aerial photography and drone videography for marine craft as well as architecture and landscape. At the same time, we also have creative professionals who specialize in underwater portrait photography and theatre productions. Our experience in wide genre therefore allow us to understand the different needs in different industry. Thus enabling us to provide suitable recommendations to our clients to get the best results.

Recent works

professional aerial photography and videography at Semakau Landfill taken in 2022 from the west
Professional aerial photography and videography with drone at Semakau Landfill. Permits from CAAS acquired before the shooting with NEA began.
professional theatre photography, corporate photography
As a theatre photographer, we will need to follow the story closely so that we can capture the intimate moment of the performance
Theatre archival photography | professional corporate photographer | portraits and headshots photography
Advertising portrait are more catchy and dramatic because they need to capture the public’s attention.
Enviromental portrait of Warnermedia Managing Director taken in their Singapore office. professional corporate headshot portrait photograph.
Clement Schwebig named as Managing Director, Southeast Asia Pacific and China, WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks.

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Professional Photographers and videographers

Professional Photographers and Videographerstucktuck