Corporate Videography with professional visuals for media content

Corporate videography involves the creation of videos for companies or organizations, typically for the purpose of promoting their products, services, or brand. The scope of corporate videography can vary widely depending on the specific needs and goals of the organization. Some common types of corporate videos include:

  1. Promotional videos: These are videos help to promote a company’s products or services to potential customers.
  2. Training videos: These videos aimed at educating employees on various aspects of the company’s operations. These include safety procedures, best practices, and company culture.
  3. Corporate event videos: These videos document events such as conferences, product launches, or company milestones.
  4. Testimonial videos: These videos feature satisfied customers or employees sharing their positive experiences with the company

Examples of Corporate Videography

Promotional video

aerial photographer and videographer with drone footage for interview tuckys photography
Drone videography is very useful in creating an establishing shot to show the locations as well as the environment

Marketing video

corporate videography for diving services Professional photographer and videographer from Tuckys Photography
Corporate videography for professional diving company

Safety Video

Industrial video for safety instructional video Tuckys Photography
While creating a safety video for a shipyard we also worked closely with the captain This allow us to streamline all safety drills so that there is no confusion when an emergency happens

Testimonial video

Industrial videography for testimonial of construction machinery Tuckys Photography
Corporate Videography for Hitachi Construction Machinery The series of testimonial videos of the Wheel loaders help to promote the advantages of using the well designed machinery

Corporate Events Video

corporate events videography at Singapore fintech festival with Idea Ink and MAS Tuckys Photography
In this corporate events videography we captured the active engagement of the Minister of Finance at the MAS Pavilion st SFF x Switch 2019 Footages like these add testaments to show that the works prodcued are well received
Corporate Videography with professional visuals for media contentEditorial Team
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