Aerial Videography

Aerial Videography

Aerial Videography for 8th ASEAN PARA GAMES. Interveiws with various para-athletes from each participating countries.

Aerial footage for corporate interview videos,tuckys photography

Adding some aerial videos in to the corporate interview shots usually helps to make the video more interesting. The reason is because the bird’s eye view perspective is not a common scene.

corporate videography with drone footage for interview, tuckys photography

Establishing shots such as these show the locations, as well as the environment. Such views give a sense of space. Thus giving viewers a variations of perspective in the video.

Drone footage in this video shows the beautiful city skyline of Singapore. The interview video with Aishah, thus became more interesting to the viewers.

Aerial videography for corporate interviews, tuckys photography

Of cos capturing an amazing sunset helps to create a greater impact.

This is our show reel with time lapse and aerial shots we took from different countries.

Happy park at Punggol Waterway Mall requires some drone footages.

Windsor park is a big nature reserve. To view the full extend of the construction of the landscape a bird’s eye view is a must.

landscape video of windsor nature park, tuckys photography

An aerial shot with a drone flying between the trees at Windsor nature park. Of course, such work will require permit from CAAS and Nparks before we can proceed.

Most of our Industrial videos have aerial footages of the space or the products so that we can create more dramatic videos for our clients.

Industrial videography for testimonial of construction machinery, Tuckys Photography

There are also have 3 excavators working on site.

testimonial videos for industrial videography, Tuckys photography

We are also to make use of the reflections and highlights from the water to capture more dramatic footage.

Drone video for marine vessel, Tuckys Photography

This is an aerial video of 2 vessels embarking on their mission during sun rise.

Industrial video with drone shot, tuckys photography

This high speed aerial video captured the agility and maneuverability of the security vessel.

Aerial Videographytucktuck