Aerial Videography

Aerial Videography

Our professional Aerial videography Singapore services specialise in corporate interviews, landscape, and architecture as well as aerial industrial videography and offshore aerial marine videography. Our professional aerial videographer is based in Singapore but also travels around ASIA to provide our professional aerial videography services to our clients.



Here are some of our works for 8th ASEAN PARA GAMES. Interviews with various para-athletes from each participating country.


Architecture and landscape aerial videography

Aerial footage for corporate interview videos,tuckys photography

Adding some aerial videos into the corporate interview shots usually helps to make the video more interesting. The reason is that the bird’s eye view perspective is not a common scene.

corporate videography with drone footage for interview, tuckys photography

Establishing shots such as these show the locations, as well as the environment. Such views give a sense of space, thus giving viewers variations of perspective in the video.

Drone footage in this video shows the beautiful city skyline of Singapore. Aerial videography for corporate interviews, tuckys photography. Professional Singapore aerial videography and photography by professional architecture videographer and photographer.

This image of an amazing city skyline at sunset is captured by our Singapore professional aerial videographer.

This is our showreel with time-lapse and aerial shots we took from different countries.


Aerial videography Singapore of the Windsor nature park.

landscape video of windsor nature park, tuckys photography. Aerial videography for corporate videography. Professional Singapore aerial videography and photography by professional landscape videographer and photographer.

An aerial shot with a drone flying between the trees at Windsor nature park. Of course, such work will require a permit from CAAS and Nparks before we can proceed.


Aerial Industrial Videography

Most of our Industrial videos have aerial footage of the space or the products so that we can create more dramatic videos for our clients.

testimonial video for construction machinery videography, tuckys

The ground to cover were much larger in this site. Hence we decided to shoot with aerial drone to capture more interesting footage.

Construction machinery video, Tuckys photography

The raining condition was a blessing in disguise, as it allow us to film the harsh daily conditions which the wheel loader operated in.

We are also to make use of the reflections and highlights from the water to capture more dramatic footage.

Offshore Aerial Marine videography

Drone video for marine vessel, Singapore aerial videography for professional commercial industrial photography

This is an aerial video of 2 vessels embarking on their mission during sunrise.

Offshore marine industrial aerial videography content production by Tuckys Photography

35m Security vessel for offshore marine videography production.

Industrial video with drone shot, tuckys photography. Singapore aerial videography

This high-speed aerial marine videography captures the agility of the security vessel during her S-curve manoeuvres.


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