Commercial Photoshoot

Commercial Photoshoot

Here are some of our commercial photoshoot that are not in the category of architecture, interior landscape and portraits. Some of the works, especially the car shoot photography used composite techniques to create a more dynamic image.

Commercial photoshoot for cars at Marina bay front, by Tuckys Photography

Commercial photoshoot for cars done in studio as well as on location. You can get better sales with a unique advertisement. Similarly, this can also help in achieving better visibility for your company’s branding.

professional car shoot photography on location in singapore by corporate photographer, tuckys photography

You can also create an actual car photo shoot on location. However extensive recce will be needed to confirm the viability of the space.

Commercial photography for car photoshoot in studio and on location, tuckys photography

Photographing with multiple studio lighting allow us to bring out every detail of the striking red SLK.

Professional car shoot photography with composite background, tuckys photography

Professional commercial photoshoot with composite allows for unusual and more creative product images.

Car photo shoot done on location with Stage lightings, Tuckys photography

Making use of the available lighting, we created a charming image for this almost vintage GTI Mark 1.

Commercial photoshoot for cars shot in studio, tuckys photography

Commercial photoshoot for cars photography done in a studio to minimize any unnecessary reflections.

professional studio car photography, by tuckys

Car photography in studio also allow us the time the capture the best profile of the product.

commercial photoshoot for food with studio lighting, tuckys photography

Creating the composition in food photography is just as important.

food photography with studio lighting, tuckys photography

Besides shooting in studio we can also capture creative food photography for fine dinning at the restaurant with our setup.

fine dinning foor photography, tuckys photography

The use of studio lighting created the contrast and highlights which make the image more attractive.

Commercial photographer, tuckys photography

A concept shoot we shot for Changi Airport Group’s Star wars promotional event.

Commercial Photoshoottucktuck