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Commercial Portrait photography for advertisements in Singapore

Tuckys Photography provides commercial portrait photography Singapore services for marketing and promotions. This is on top of the corporate portrait photography services we provided for our corporate clients in Singapore. Our works include advertising portraits, professional studio photography, outdoor commercial photoshoots. Here are some of our published works in print advertisements as well as social media by our commercial photographer from Singapore.

Commercial portrait photography for child safety on location with studio lighting Advertisement for Child seat with ISO fix

Advertisement portraits of child safety seats were taken on location. The smiling faces of the kids show that the seats were quite comfortable and safe to use.

Beauty product and services by Clarins lifestyle commercial portrait photography Advertisement for in store spa promotion commercial photography

Commercial photography can also take place inside a shopping mall. However, lighting and angles will have to be very precise to avoid capturing other distracting elements.

Commercial photography for in store spa promotion commercial photography Beauty product and services by Clarins lifestyle commercial portrait photography

Advertisements of skin care services are usually shot on location.

Advertising portrait photography for commercial shoot on location with studio lightings Lifestyle environmental photoshoot for recruitment

Clients can opt for a lifestyle shoot on location at their office for the commercial shoot. Creating unique images will thus eliminate the risk of having similar images on another corporation’s website. Similarly, it is more authentic with the actual job environment shown.

Commercial portrait photography for spa services shot on location with studio lighting Tuckys

Commercial portrait of model shot in a spa environment.

Advertising portrait photography for commercial products by tuckys Kinetics fitness equipment advertisement with model commercial portrait photography

Commercial portrait photography for fitness equipment shot with a model in a studio. A clean and generic product shot with people using it can be more receptive by the clients.

Advertising model photoshoot for commercial products in a studio

Studio shoot for commercial portrait photography for fitness equipment.

Advertising portrait photography for fitness products shot on location Commercial portrait photography for fitness product

This image depicts two fitness talents in the picture demonstrating how the equipment is used. Advertisement for products in action can provide a more realistic commercial value for the clients.

Advertising portrait photography for fitness products shot on location with studio lighting Tuckys

In this advertisement portrait, we have the talents photographed with other equipment in the background.

commercial photograpy for dentist promotion

Root canal treatment in action for dental clinic’s commercial works.

Commercial Portrait photography Services for Singapore theatre productions



Creative Portraiture with The Theatre Practice

Commercial Portraits Photography with Sing’ Theatre

Commercial portraits photography in Studio tuckys photography

The original image shot in the studio before creating the key visuals.

advertising portrait photography for musical production Tuckys Photography

Similarly, Individual cast had their portrait taken at the same day.

Professional advertising key visuals by corporate photographer

The professional look in each portrait for marketing is essential to getting good ticket sales.

advertising portrait photography taken in studio Tuckys Photography

Good compositions and beautiful lightings are easier to create in a studio as the environment are cater specifically for such productions.

Creative studio portrait tuckys photography

However, no matter how great the environment are, the images are still highly dependent on the wonderful casts.

Advertising portrait photography in Singapore

Commercial portrait Photography with The Esplanade Theatre Studios, Singapore

professional photography and videography singapore tuckys photography

This theatre production is visual was conceptualised by director Loo Zhihan. We brought it to life with the help of the Esplanade Theate Studios team. Hours were spent in creating the set before the casts arrived.

professional advertisements photoshoot of people in a studio

A simple yet captivating portrait shot in our studio.

Singapore advertising portrait photographer_Tuckys Photography

Our in-house Commercial portrait photographer shot this image on a rooftop in a Singapore neighbourhood. We eventually created the effects we wanted with the use of multiple lighting to match the ambient lights.

Singapore advertising photographer with esplanade studios_fundamentally happy

The poster design for Fundamentally Happy used the negative space in between to create strong copywriting,


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