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Corporate Portrait Photography Singapore

We create professional corporate portrait photography not only for CEO and Directors, but also for Presidents of MNCs. We usually create them in either a studio setting or in an environmental setting. A corporate portrait is a representation of a company by the senior management. Therefore it is important to create a proper image to present to the public. In our photography package, we will help to conceptualize the images for use with their public release.

Corporate portrait on location

professional corporate portrait photography for female CEO singapore, tuckys photography

We wanted to create a airy and spacious corporate portrait of Arts house Limited CEO for use in SIFA Festive guide 2020. Hence we mixed ambient lighting with studio strobes to allow us more flexibility in the control.

corporate portrait photography Singapore for female director, Tuckys Photography

Pictured here is the corporate portrait of Natalie Hennedidge, SIFA Festive Director. The black attire with white interior designs of Victoria Theater results in a classic ‘monochrome” styled coloured image.

Singapore corporate portrait photography at the victoria concert hall | professional environmental head shot by Tuckys Photography

The use of mixed lighting photography helped to sculpture the facial features and create beautiful catch light in his eyes, thus resulting in this mood shot for SIFA Director Gaurav Kripalani.

Editorial environmental portraiture photography for Director, professional head shot by tuckys Photography

Editorial mood shot for Director of Singapore International Festival of the Arts in the Chamber at the Arts House. By using Studio lights, we highlighted the subject to contrast them from the heavy background.

professional corporate portrait photography for Singapore minister, tuckys Photography

The majestic Singapore city skyline towering over the old shop houses next to the Singapore river. This contrast illustrate the success of Singapore from a small fishing village to a successful nation with establish trading networks. What would be a better background than this corporate portrait for the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Wide angle, enviromental profile shot for Sony MD, Uemura at the lobby of Sony office in singapore, professional head shot , tuckys Photography

We photographed this corporate portrait of Sony MD, Mr Uemura at the lobby. The main objective was to capture his portrait together with the interior space. The result was pleasing as an image of this series of portrait was used as the cover for HRM magazine.

Branding with corporate portrait photography

professional head shot for male COO | Singapore professional photographer, Tuckys Photography

Studio lighting for environmental portraits allow us to shape the features easily, instead of relying just on ambient lighting, thus giving us more control in the photography.

Studio corporate portrait photography by Singapore professional photographer, Tuckys Photography

Profile of SAP President, Steve Watt captured in their Singapore Office. The clever use of a yellow tie resulted a nice colour pop to the image.

Environmental portraiture shoot of Female VP APAC, Sunita Kaur, Spotify for media release in Singapore, Tuckys Photography

Female portraiture of Sunita Kaur for Spotify in Singapore.

singapore professional environmental photo shoot of corporate portrait photography with studio lights, tuckys Photography

A quick shot of Paypal President, David Marcus, when he visited Singapore for a China magazine.

Professional photography, tuckys

The usual image for company profile with the Chairman standing in front of the logo.

corporate head shot | tuckys photography

Yu Junde, VP Sales and Support, App Annie, taken on location with professional lighting.

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