Group Portraits

Group Portraits for corporate clients

We provide professional group portraits photography for corporate clients. Spending time on recce and planning helps tremendously to create an interesting image.

corporate portraits photography for a group of directors Victoria theatre, tuckys photography

Although we had sufficient studio lights for these photography session, the ultimate lighting came from the sunlight that created the contrast in the background. Group portrait fro SIFA 2020/21 with 4 local directors and festival directors in the centre of Victoria Theater.

Environmental group portraits photography for corporate CEO and directors at the Arts House, Tuckys photography

Natalie Hennedidge will be the new SIFA Festival Director, taking over the baton from Gaurav. This corporate group portrait is release to media following the announcement by Arts House Limited.

 Corporate group portraits photography for company profile with studio lighting at indoor playground, Tuckys photography

Group portraits for Playpoint’s Singapore sales Team having fun at The Buds in Shangri-la.

candid corporate group portraits photography in a indoor playground, Tuckys photography

Lively, candid corporate portraits photography taken for a team of people who brought fun to the people. Thought there are quite a number of people, we managed to get everyone positioned comfortable in the photoshoot.

Studio portraits for corporate profile. professional group portraits by tuckys Photography

Studio portraits created in a studio that looks more lively and casual.

Music band professional studio portraits photography, Tuckys

Professional studio portraits photography for a band of musician to replicate a photo from one of the album by the Beetles.

corporate group portraits for playwrights with esplanade theatre studio, tuckys photography

Corporate group portraits of Singapore playwrights taken on the stage at Esplanade theatre.

group portraits, studio lightings, enviromental portrait photography, tuckys Photography

A candid version of the playwrights in the attire they actually work in. Sufficient time for posing and lighting resulted in a more fun photo for Esplanade.

Environment portraiture for cast with studio lights, Tuckys Photography

Outdoor group portraits photography looks a lot more professional when they are shot creatively with studio lightings.

professional corporate photography for service team, tuckys photography

Corporate candid photos for the entire after sales repair team at the workshop

Professional corporate photography for sales team in red unifrom in studio, Tuckys Photography

A environmental photoshoot with studio lightings done creatively when we make use nice reflection on the floor.

professional photography for anniversary corporate shoot for with all team members., tuckys photography

Finally lined up all members for the corporate shot. In conclusion, group photo always need planning to achieve a good result.

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