• Singapore industrial photographer with an aerial photo of pulau semakau, by tuckys

    NEA Waste Management

    NEA Waste Management

  • professional industrial videography for construction machinery by tuckys

    Industrial videography

    Industrial videography

  • industrial portrait photography of man at work, tuckys photography

    Industrial Portrait

    Industrial Portrait

  • Professional Industrial Photographer and videographer in Singapore, Tuckys Photography

    Industrial Photography

    Industrial Photography

Industrial Photographer and Videographer

Our industrial photographer and videographer have been working shooting for heavy industries in the past decades. Thus, they are have lots of experience to cater for different shoots. Nevertheless, we put in effort to communicate with our clients. This is because we need to understand your needs and purpose.

Not only are explanation videos, testimonial videos, product videos, there are also interviews and photo shoots. Some of these are quite technical and there are lots of corporate compliance to follow.

Professional Industrial photography of aerospace air craft engine in Singapore | Corporate photographer, Tuckys

Industrial photography of Rolls-Royce Trent T1000 engine. Engineers inspecting the fine details of while having the engine cover open.

Product photo shoot for steel manufacuturing, professional photographer, Tuckys

Precision steel boring in progress while creating a nut.

Singapore industrial photographer, by Tuckys Photography

There are multiple cranes and hoppers so that regular maintenance will not slow down the process,

aerial drone shot for marine vessel, Singapore Professional corporate photographer, Tuckys

Aerial shot of the aluminium utility vessel which cruise thru the peaceful water.

testimonial videos for industrial videography, Tuckys photography

We are also to make use of the reflections and highlights from the water to capture more dramatic footage.

Instructional safety video for marine passenger vessel, Tuckys Photography

The flotation is the single most important device during an emergency onboard. We break down the complicated process, thus making it easy to follow.

corporate videography for diving services, Industrial photographer and videographer from Tuckys Photography

In this corporate industrial video for Hydropro Pte Ltd, we researched and understand the technical requirements of their job before the shoot.

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