Industrial Videography

Industrial videography requires specific knowledge of the subject that we are filming so that we can feature the correct information. We worked with corporate communications and technical experts of our clients to ensure all compliance are met during filming. The videos are for marketing purposes. Hence we focus on explaining the strength of the products and services through the video.

Testimonial videos for Construction Machinery

In this testimonical video for Hitachi Construction Machinery, we featured Palmitco SDN BHD in Malaysia.

Drone video of construction site, professional videographer, Tuckys Photography

We started the scene with an aerial drone shot at the Port which Palmitco operated in.

industrial construction machinery wheeloader videography, tuckys photography

To demonstrate the clear views that the operator had, we riggged up our camera in the dirver cabin of the wheeloader.

testimonial video for constructionmachinery, tuckys photography

We managed to get to higher ground so that we can capture the narrow path that the wheel loader was taking.

This video featured PT Lubrisindo Jaya Gemilang, a coal stockpile in Indonesia.

Construction machinery video, Tuckys photography

The raining condition was a blessing in disguise, as it allow us to film the harsh daily conditions which the wheel loader operated in.

testimonial videos for industrial videography, Tuckys photography

We are also to make use of the reflections and highlights from the water to capture more dramatic footage.

corporate videography, tuckys photography

The stability and load bearing capacity of the wheel loader was convincingly illustrated in this industrial video.

We got a chance to feature a granite quarry and crushing plant, Sila Mitcharoen(U Throng) in Thailand.

testimonial video for constructionmachinery, tuckys photography

The ground to cover were much larger in this site. Hence we decided to shoot with aerial drone to capture more interesting footage.

Industrial videography for testimonial of construction machinery, Tuckys Photography

There are also have 3 excavators working on site.

Industrial videography for testimonial of construction machinery, Tuckys Photography

The large bucket size of the wheel loader is an attractive feature.

Industrial videography with commercial diving services

Hydropro Pte Ltd commissioned us to do an industrial videography for their services.

Industrial videography for commercial diving services, Tuckys Photography

We captured an aerial footage of Hyrdopro’s diving vessel while it is in action.

corporate videography for diving services, Tuckys Photography

They have a minimum 5 man team with another diver standing by.

corporate videography for commercial diving, tuckys Photography

The 5th person of the team is the Supervisor who is monitoring the camera of the diver.

Industrial Videography for Marine Instructional Safety Video

We conceptualized safety video for F.O.S. The instructions are simple yet easy to follow.

Instructional safety video for marine passenger vessel, Tuckys Photography

The flotation is the single most important device during an emergency onboard. We break down the complicated process, thus making it easy to follow.

Industrial videography for safety instructional video, Tuckys Photography

We also worked wit the captain to streamline all safety drills so that there is no confusion when an emergency happens.

Fast Craft vessel marketing videos

A short and dynamic commercial video for SAM Aluminium with videos and photos from previous shoot.

Do check out our Youtube channel for more videos. Here are some screen shots from some of our aerial marine videos:

Aerial UAV photography and videography for commercial marine ship, boat and vessels in singapore

Commerical photography and videography for vessels and boats

Aerial videography for Marine industry, tuckys Photography

Aerial shot from our Fast craft video taken at 32kts.

Industrial videography for aerial drone shot, tuckys photography

This high speed aerial video captured the agility and maneuverability of the security vessel.

Aerial videography for marine vessel, Tuckys Photography

2 vessels from FOS embarked on their mission as research vessel. This aerial video took place during sun rise.

Aerial videography for marine vessel, Tuckys Photography

The agility of the security vessel is illustrated via the S-curve it managed to maneuver within a short distance.

Aerial videography for marine vessel, Tuckys Photography

Utility vessel, Tamimi 3, giving good scores at her sea trial.

Aerial videography for marine vessel, Tuckys Photography

A fully armored security vessel took to the sea to provide protection.

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