Theatre Videography

Theatre Videography

Theatre videography consist of marketing videos, performance videos and highlight videos. Each happened at a different stage of a production.

Marketing videos helps to attract audience. Thus, they are usually at the beginning of the productions, before the performance start. They can be interview videos or short films that give a glimpse of the performance. Hence video like these must capture the attention of audience so as to create the impact.

Sample screenshots from some of our works:

SIFA 2021 Video on Demand

The Commission by Pangdemoium, SRT and Wild Rice

SIFA 2021 The Commission Video on Demand (VOD Screenshot)

Opening scene for The Commission. Theatre performance video on demand was filmed, edited and colour graded by Tuckys Photography. The high dynamic range of the video recording enables the VOD viewers to get a similar experience to the on site audience, at the comfort of their home.

3 camera setup for theatre performance VOD

3 camera setup enable the performance to be captured with sufficient footages for editing, Having 3 separate angles and perspective allow for more choices during post production for the final finished video,

Screenshot for theatre performance video on demand

A proper colour graded theatre video not only helps in giving the viewers a better visual experience. It also allow them to see the full effects of the lighting that the creative team had done.

The Year Of No Return by The Necessary Stage

The Year of no Return

Opening sceen for VOD of The Year of No return. filmed, edited and colour graded by Tuckys Photography

Closed up shot during the video filming for the VOD

Close up angles during a VOD can help draw in viewers and evoke their emotions. This is one of the most prominent benefits of VOD which allow the audience to see the casts up close.

High dynamic range video filming with colour grading.

Proper colour grading can help in giving the filmed theatre video greater clarity. Thus increasing the viewing pleasure of the viewers.

Huayi 2022

Between You and Me by Nine Years Theatre

Archival video filming for Huayi 2022 Between you and me

High dynamic range cinematic video camera and colour grading prevents over exposure and hot spots to a brightly lit scene. at the same time it also helps to give enough details in the shadows.

Close up angle captures the expressions of the casts during the filming of theatre performance Between you and Me

Close up angle during the video recording captures the intricate expressions of the casts. These allow the viewers to get see the expressions clearly and understand the story better.

Cinematic theatre video archival for Huayi 2022

Vivid colours with details in the shadows and highlights. These combinations help to create a more cinematic theatre archival video that will still look good decades later.

Singapore portrait photographer_commercial portraits photography_Tuckys photography_advertising portrait_TFP_framed-by-adolf

Publicity photo shoot for theatre performance works hand in hand with the marketing videos to help boast visibility.

Singapore portrait photographer_commercial portraits photography_Tuckys photography_advertising portrait_TFP_Monster-end-frame

On top of marketing videos, we also provide publicity photo shoot to the theatre performance

Singapore portrait photographer_commercial portraits photography_Tuckys photography_advertising portrait_TNS_2020

The Year of No Return by The Necessary Stage.

Performance video are usually the actual performance or full dress rehearsals.

Testimonial videos used footages from performance videos to create reviews and boost last min sales. These are very powerful in creating visibility as they are a mix of actual testaments and exciting portions of the performance. However, such video have a very tight time constrain, thus can be tricky to create.

Theatre footages from Teh Spirits show by The Finger Players.

Lastly, highlight videos are short abstract of the video that will help to sell the show for future re-run .


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