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Tuckys Photography provides Singapore corporate photography and corporate videography services in Singapore as well as around the region. The visual content created by our professional corporate photographer and corporate videographer can serve several purposes, such as marketing, branding, and documentation. The primary goal of professional corporate photography and videography is to create visual content that showcases the company’s products, services, employees, facilities, and overall brand identity. Such services include corporate portrait photography business headshot photography, professional corporate events photography, events videography, etc.

Why do companies need corporate videography and photography?

The primary goal is to create visual content that showcases the company’s products, services, employees, facilities, and overall brand identity. Such services include corporate portrait photography, business headshot photography, professional corporate events photography and events videography. Singapore Corporate photography and corporate videography can increase a company’s web presence by providing high-quality visual content. This content can be shared on the company’s website and social media platforms, attracting more visitors and increasing online visibility and brand awareness. Our corporate photographer specializes in capturing business headshots, professional events photography, and videography.

Visual content such as this can also help a corporation establish its brand identity and create a consistent image across all its marketing channels. By using professional photography and videography, a corporation can showcase its products and services in a more attractive and memorable way, helping to differentiate itself from competitors and appeal to potential customers.

Singapore Corporate Photography for portrait

One of our corporate photography services in Singapore is professional portrait photography. Part of this includes headshots and portraits for senior management, such as CEO, Directors, Presidents, etc. The key to this subgenre of portrait photography is to bring out the most complementing look of the leader. It is different from resumes and individual portraiture.

Corporate portrait photography for corporation leaders needs to convey a sense of professionalism, authority, and respect. This is particularly important if the portrait appears in press releases or company annual reports. Their aim is to present the CEO as a serious and credible business leader.

Additionally, the portraits send a message that the subjects in the photo take their positions and their roles seriously. Thus the portraits need to show that they value professionalism and discipline. This can help to instil confidence in investors, stakeholders, and customers.

Studio headshots

Singapore portrait photographer_corporate portrait photography_Tuckys photography_Playpoint webpage
Professional headshots for a company website

Professional studio portrait is commonly used by companies to present their management portraits. The plain background helps to keep the focus on the subject without additional distractions. Thus all the attention is now on the expressions and lighting of the subject.

Business portraits for senior leaders in a multi-national corporation are very different from that of a resume business headshot. The latter rely on smiles to portray friendliness and approachability. However, formal portraits need to represent the organization more than the subject

In the professional studio portrait sessions, Tuckys Photography captures the authenticity of the leaders. The natural and relaxed body language coupled with genuine smiles on their face reflected their approachable personality

Singapore Corporate photography fo r Dell Technologies . Professional corporate headshot photography in Singapore by experience commercial portrait photographer.
Dell Technologies APJ Leaders professional headshot Singapore session, in front of a blue background.

Most importantly, Tuckys’ professional studio portraits portray a sense of professionalism, confidence, and competence. These are the key that gives our images the edge.

View our portrait works here.

Corporate Videography

Industrial Videos
Hitachi Construction Machinery in Malaysia for Wheel Loaders Testimonial videos

Furthermore, visual content such as the above video can help a corporation to document its history, events, and achievements. This type of content can be used to create engaging and informative presentations, videos, and photo galleries, which can be shared with employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Kinetic Fitness at Towner Road

Events Videography and Events Photography for corporate marketing

Corporate Events Videography

Corporate events videography plays a crucial role in capturing the essence of a company’s milestones, gatherings, and celebrations. It provides a dynamic way to document these events, showcasing the energy, interactions, and key moments that define the occasion. High-quality corporate event videos not only serve as a record but also as powerful marketing tools that can be shared with stakeholders, clients, and employees. They highlight the company culture, achievements, and future vision, making them invaluable assets for internal and external communications.

BuySinglit 2020

The Importance of Vox Pops in Corporate Event Videos

One of the most effective techniques in corporate events videography is the inclusion of vox pops. Vox pops, short for “vox populi,” are spontaneous interviews conducted with attendees during the event. These on-the-spot interviews capture candid reactions, insights, and testimonials from participants, adding a layer of authenticity and engagement to the video. Here’s why incorporating vox pops can significantly enhance the impact of your corporate event videos:

Professional events photographer at a MICE conference  for IAPP Asia Privacy Forum at Marina Bay Sands. A panel of speakers smiling on stage by professional photographer
During an event, the professional photographer captures the moment to tell a convincing story with the visuals effectively.
Corporate events photography of a joyous occasion during the celebratory dinner with guest taking selfie photos with the Prime Minister
Selfie taking time with the Prime Minister during the closing ceremony.
Singapore professional events photographer with corporate events photography at the final curtain call for Substation
Besides people interaction shots, aesthetics from architecture, settings designs and lighting are just as important in events coverage.

In summary, by investing in high-quality visual content from professional corporate photography, a corporation can improve its marketing efforts, attract more customers, and create a lasting impression on its audience.

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