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Commercial Photography Singapore

Embark on a visual journey with our diverse range of commercial photography in Singapore, spanning from print advertisements to digital platforms, primarily designed for sales and marketing initiatives. For dynamic and creative publicity campaigns, we infuse our expertise into various realms, including architecture, landscape, and landscape architecture photography, showcasing the harmonious interplay between man-made structures and natural reserves in Singapore. Additionally, our portfolio extends to above-the-line posters, contributing to the vibrant publicity of theatre productions. Explore the depth and breadth of our creative prowess in crafting compelling visual narratives for diverse purposes.

Here are some of our published photography works in print as well as web media.

Magazines and brochures

commercial photography and videography by tuckys
Our artistic architecture photography skillfully captures the design essence of the Dulwich College playground. It showcases the thoughtful integration of playground designs around existing trees, seamlessly blending with the surrounding architecture. This visual narrative not only highlights the aesthetics but also emphasizes the harmonious coexistence of innovative design elements within the natural environment and existing architectural structures.
commercial photography Singapore, professional car shoot at ann siang hill
A photoshoot for BMW on location. The shoot is done in the middle of the night to avoid the usual busy traffic.
professional bridal fashion portrait photography on a blue vintage couch in a studio. model is wearing a lacy gown designed by Kai Bridal
Fashion portrait photography, with its high-end styling, demands close collaboration with designers and creative directors. Our approach involves meticulous coordination to bring forth the desired aesthetic. By working closely with the creative minds behind the designs, we ensure each fashion portrait reflects the envisioned style, creating images that resonate with sophistication and artistic flair.

Singapore Commercial photography for posters

Bringing the stage to life, we offer professional photography and videography services tailored for theatre productions. Our team is dedicated to capturing the essence of each performance, ensuring the visual storytelling complements the artistic brilliance on stage. From compelling stills to dynamic videos, our services are crafted to showcase the magic of theatre with professional finesse.

Commercial photographer for theatre poster for the theatre practice, featuring cinematic headshot of Joanna dong.
Singapore commercial photography for advertising portrait for Liao Zhai rocks. The production, produced by The Theater Practice, held a successful performance in Shangai in 2019.

Liao Zhai Rocks Publicity visuals

Singapore professional commercial photographer and videographer, professional portraits, advertising portrait
We provide professional photography and videography services for theatre productions. In this production, The Year of No Return, by the Necessary Stage. On top of the professional Singapore commercial photography for the publicity visuals for promotions, we also provided professional videography for behind-the-scenes interview videos.
Corporate portrait professional photoshoots by commercial photographer
Singapore commercial photography for theatre publicity for Forever Young 2017 poster.
Advertising portraits thrive on being catchy and dramatic as they are crafted to seize the public’s attention. In a world bombarded with visuals, these portraits are designed to stand out, conveying messages with impact and leaving a lasting impression. Through innovative compositions, striking visuals, and a dash of drama, advertising portraits create a powerful narrative that resonates with the audience and reinforces brand messaging effectively.
underwater portrait for commercial photography Singapore of underwater portrait of mermaid. image used for roadshow publicity.
CDive into the enchantment with our creative underwater portrait of mermaids, featured on a fan for CC-Link Partner Association. This surreal image captures two mermaids gracefully arching underwater, illuminated by the captivating play of sunlight creating beautiful beams in the depths. It’s a mesmerizing portrayal that brings fantasy to life, adding a touch of magic to the visual narrative.

Commerical photography Singapore Magazine covers

Singapore landscape architecture photography in Singapore's Windsor park
One of the images from our series of professional landscape photography and videography has been chosen by our clients as the cover feature for City Green Magazine. This captivating visual not only exemplifies our commitment to excellence but also serves as a testament to the impactful storytelling power of our work in the realm of landscape imagery.
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