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Capturing the beauty of Singapore Nature parks in our series of  landscape photography. The timing to capturing these images are the most important as the sun is the only light source. The project was by URA and Landscape Engineering Pte Ltd. The following images appeared in various websites to promote the nature park.

Kranji Marshes landscape photography

panorama sunrise nature landscape photography of kranji marshland tuckys

In order to get this beautiful sunrise photo of Kranji Marshes, we have be ready before first light. We reached the raptor tower while it was still dark to setup our equipment.

landscape photography in singapore kranji marshes with URA and nparks sunrise photo by Tuckys

Immediately after capturing the panorama image, we climbed down raptor tower. When we headed for the swamp just in front of the tower, we saw glow from the foliage and the perfect reflection of the sun. On top of these are gorgeous clouds. Together they form an amazing composition for this surreal landscape image.

professional nature photo of water reflection at kranji marshes singapore nature parks by tuckys

When we pass through the gate, we saw a bigger pond at reed crossing. The calm water acted like a mirror as we captured the sky’s reflection.

creative landscape photography for singapore URA Nparks for Singapore Kranji marshland Tuckys photography

As we moved along the bank to try to get a shot of the floating pontoon bridge, we were greeted with nature’s symphony of colors.

creative architecture photo at singapore nature reserve kranji marshland by tuckys

The dramatic sky and its reflection added a sense of calmness to the architecture image of the pontoon.

creative nature landscape photography at singapore kranji marshesby tuckys

The arching trees and leading stones created a welcoming path for nature lovers to go forth and explore.

lone tree in swamp nature photo of kranji marshes in singapore by tuckys

The lone tree stand right next to West Marsh.

professional Nature photo at lotus pond at Singapore Kranji Marshes by Tuckys

If you have the chance do take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the lotus pond in the late afternoon because at that time the animals come out to play.

landscape architecture photography at Singapore kranji marshes by tuckys photography

Standing tall beneath the layers of cloud is the Raptor tower at Marsh station.

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Professional landscape architecture photography of nature parks featuring the architectural and landscaping designs of the rifle range nature park in Singapore by commercial photographer

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