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Singapore Aerial Photography

Singapore aerial photography by professional aerial photographer who specialise in Singapore industrial aerial photography, as well as marine aerial photography. Besides capturing dramatic aerial marine craft videos, our Singapore industrial aerial photographer also captures beautiful aerial landscape photos and videos. We hold valid licenses for aerial drone photography and videography, certified by CAAS.


Singapore Industrial Aerial Photography

Singapore industrial photographer with aerial photography of Semakau landscape, by tuckys

A 360-degree angle allows the viewers to see the full view of the island, thus reducing the need to shoot at a much higher height.


published work for aerial photography and videography with drone and uav

A project with NEA in which we captured the aerial view of the Semakau Landfill. The landfill islands have been slowly filling up over the last few years. Hence it was time for a new photoshoot to showcase their development.


Singapore industrial photographer with aerial photography of Semakau landscape, by tuckys

Singapore aerial photography shot of Pulau Semakau from the east. Doesn’t the shape look like a heart?

Offshore Marine Aerial Photography

Industrial photography project with drone image of barge and semakau island

One of our projects with NEA is to show the process of waste management. This image shows how the ash from the Tuas Incineration plant gets transferred to Semakau for the landfill.

aerial photography and videography of marine vessel in action. drone image shot by professional aerial photographer and videographer with valid CAAS permit and license

We created this image by coordinating with both captains of the vessels. We get them to travel as close as possible, while flying our drone in between them to capture this dramatic image.

Aerial photography and videography of oil tanker at Singapore's Eastern anchorage.

For professional aerial marine photography such as this oil tanker, we removed other vessels in the background during post-productions,

Singapore Aerial photography for offshore marine vessel. professional UAV photographer for industrial drone images

The 2 side propulsion jets of Rozphil allows it to execute tight turns, thus greatly increasing her agility.

Marine security vessel photo and video production. visuals for marketing material of a vessel travelling in high speed in sea captured by a drone.

The testing of the fire-fighting capability during one of the sea trials with Holy Shield.

Architecture drone image

Singapore aerial photography with professional architecture photographer, tuckys photography

Singapore aerial photography with a dramatic view of the city’s skyline at the marina bay front during sunset.

Aerial videography for corporate interviews, tuckys photography

Sunset is one of the best times to capture scenic views of Singapore’s cityscape.

Singapore Aerial photography for Landscape photography

creative landscape photographer with drone image by tuckys

Professional aerial photographer captures this unique view with a UAV, which would otherwise be difficult to capture.

nature landscape drone photographer by Tuckys

A bird’s eye view of the boardwalk at Windsor Park from above.


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