Industrial Aerial Videography and Photography

Professional Industrial Aerial Videography and photography helps to create very powerful images for marketing and communications uses.

Birds’ eye Aerial View

Professional drone landscape images with UAV
Professional aerial photography and videography with drone at Semakau Landfill. Permits from CAAS before the shooting with NEA began.
Professional aerial landscape photography
Aerial view of Semakau landfill from the east with vegetation growing in Bund 1.
Singapore industrial photographer with aerial photography of Semakau landscape, by tuckys
A creative way to show the progress of Semakau Landfill with the NEA. A 360 degree angle shows the full view of the island without havingto shoot at a much higher height.
Professional aerial landscape photography
Marine vessel industrial images taken with a drone
Industrial Aerial videography and photography project for NEA Semakau Landfill.
Drone video of construction site, professional videographer, Tuckys Photography
We started the scene with an aerial drone shot at the Port which Palmitco operated in.

Industrial Aerial images of construction machinery photography and videography

Industrial videography for testimonial of construction machinery, Tuckys Photography
During the shoot our drone flew very close to the three excavators thus creating this dynamic aerial image of industrial construction machinery.
testimonial video for constructionmachinery, tuckys photography
The ground to cover were much larger in this site. Hence we decided to shoot with aerial drone to capture more interesting footage.
testimonial videos for industrial videography, Tuckys photography
We are also to make use of the reflections and highlights from the water to capture more dramatic footage.

Marine Vessels

Industrial photography ofUtility vesselst with aerial drone in singapore, corporate photographer, Tuckys photography
Professional drone and aerial photography and videography  of marine vessels, ships and boats in action.
2 vessels from FOS embarked on their mission as research vessel. This aerial video took place during sun rise.
Professional drone and aerial photography and videography  of marine vessels, ships and boats in action.
The advantage of shooting with a UAV or drone is the ability to get to close proximity with small vessels. These would otherwise be almost impossible to do with other means.
Aerial photography and videography of oil tanker at Singapore's Eastern anchorage.
Aerial Photography and videography of crude oil tanker Proteus Stephanie at the Eastern Petroleum Anchorage in Singapore. We are CAAS licensed UAV pilots with the activity permit for this flight.

Action Industrial aerial photography and videography images

security vessel marine photography and videography
This is a security vessel. with Fifi fitted on its top deck for fire fighting. The aerial image shows the length of throw of the water pump by the fifi. This is one of the crucial image as it demonstrates the industrial standard achieve by the Fire fighting devise.
Professional drone and aerial photography and videography  of marine vessels, ships and boats in action.
Any experienced photographer will always attempt a variety of angles during a product shoot. Similarly during the vessel video for this Utility vessel, we flew the drone vertically up after the interval. The attempt is paid off with this unique wake formation. As this vessel used a jet propulsion system instead of the usual propeller system, it created a very interesting wake when it start.
Aerial videography for marine vessel, Tuckys Photography
This is an image of Industrial aerial photography for ship building. The long flow of the wake helps to create a dynamic image, thus capturing the attention of viewers.
Industrial videography for aerial drone shot, tuckys photography
This high speed aerial video captured the agility and maneuverability of the security vessel.
Industrial photography of marine fast craft with aerial drone in singapore, corporate photographer, Tuckys photography
A top down aerial photo of the fast interceptor security, which aims at illustrating its speed and agility.
Aerial photo of vessel travelling in the sea
Ship building Images by Tuckys Photography
Aerial UAV photography and videography for commercial marine ship, boat and vessels in singapore
Commercial images of vessels from industrial aerial videography and photography.
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