Industrial Portrait

Industrial Portrait Photography

As industrial portrait photographers, we need to understand the work that our subject are doing before commencing. As this will eventually help us compose a better visual story for our clients.

Lifestyle corporate photography of man at work, tuckys photography

Portrait of man at work behind the scenes. The specialist handles tonnes of consumer waste everyday within the waste management facility.

professional corporate photography at furnace, Tuckys Photography

Visual inspection at the furnace to determine if there are any issues before making further assessments.

Industrial portrait photography, image by tuckys

Lifestyle image of supervisor monitoring the data for any error within the system.

corporate industrial portrait of man at work, tuckys photography

Corporate photography for marketing with Rolls Royce training facilities at the Seletar Aerospace hub

lifestyle industrial portrait of technicians at work

Industrial portrait of a man at work repairing an aircraft engine at Rolls Royce Aerospace.

corporate lifestyle photography, tuckys Photography

Lifestyle portraits of students at the training facilities need to go through a series of training before they can embark on their career.

lifestyle Industrial portrait of architect at construction site, tuckys photography

Corporate photoshoot at a construction site with design and build chief architect discussing the plan wit the engineer.,

corporate lifestyle photography of man welding. tuckys photography

Mechanic welding the I-beams before sending them off to construction site.

corporate lifestyle photography, tuckys photography

Fast and safe delivery. Proper process to ensure clients can eventually get the supply on time.

corporate photography, tuckys photography

Car mechanic repairing the front wheel after analyzing the fault of the vehicle.

lifestyle photography of lab engineer examining a hard disk

Industrial Portrait of engineering examining a hard disk before accessing its internal components.

industrial portrait photography of man at work, tuckys photography

Precision engineering of a steel in the process.

Industrial portraits of man at work, Tuckys Photography

Industrial portraits requires us to capture the working environment, so as to illustrate the work that are being done.

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