Fashion Portrait

Fashion Portrait Photography

Creative lightings can help set the mood for fashion portrait. However, besides lightings, concept from creative director plays an important part to make most shoot a success.

When you photography a face… you photograph the soul behind it.
-Jean-Luc Godard

professional portraiture photographed with a black background, head shot by tuckys photography

The eyes of the model simply make this a works, especially the look in them.

Creative editorial portrait photographer, tuckys Photography

Love the gentle gazed of the model’s look, as we created this image in the studio.

Professional editorial headshot, photographed in studio, Tuckys photography

Professional editorial head shot photographed in a studio.

Creative lighting for environmental head shot, portrait by Tuckys Photography

Professional lighting on location, resulted in a high end environmental portrait.

Creative environmental headshot taken with high speed sync fashion portrait by tuckys Photography

Creative image shot with studio lightings. Unlike the doll house images, this image is not a composite.

girl composited into a doll house, professional portrait photographer, Tuckys Photography

This is a composite photo of a doll inside a doll house.

Creative composite portraiture | professional photographer, tuckys Photography

Life like composite of a doll the is digitally manipulated to be place within a doll house.

Editorial fashion portrait photography for a bridal boutique, Tuckys Photography

Editorial fashion photography for a bridal boutique advertisement with creative concept from the designer.

Bridal fashion portrait taken in a cargo lift, tuckys Photography

Bridal gowns with models taken within a cargo lift. The textures of the old lift wall contrasted strongly with the lush bridal gown thus creating an even more polish look for the gowns.

Concept fashion portrait photography, Tuckys Photography

Man polishing bronze statues as they glowing under the sun.

Fashion portrait photography of girl with pink tights lying on the ground, Tuckys Photography

Left Turn, a creative collaborations with various artist in Singapore.

creative portraits by tuckys photography

Creative portrait composite from a different background.

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