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Tuckys photography provides professional portrait photography in Singapore and around the region for more than two decades. We provide our services for both corporate and commercial clients. Although portrait photography is genre by itself, however, each sub genre such as studio and environmental portrait and underwater portrait photography, can be significantly different. Thus requiring a totally different treatment and skills set to achieve the final results.

Professional portraits photography can be a powerful tool for corporate companies. High quality portraits can help to build trust and credibility with potential customers as well as investors and partners. Portrait photography, thus, serve as a language that bridges the gap between the subject and the viewer.

Each sub genre can be view as a variations of the main language portrait photography. Therefore, by differentiating these differences, we can help connect our clients to their targeted audience more easily.

Commercials and Advertisements

Commercials and advertisements portraits have a higher requirement in terms of output as compared to the rest. These images are not only printed into big posters but also as large banners where audience can view them up close. Image manipulations such as touch up, and colour tweaking are also very common. These portraits improve the marketing and publicity efforts tremendously towards the promotions of their product and services.

The advertisements and commercial images sets the tone and expectations of the customers, thus enticing them to enquire further. The job as professional commercial portrait photographer is to help clients translate their sales pitch into convincing images. A well shot image not only captures the attention of the public but also helps the customers to visualize the the benefits of such products and services.

Corporate Portraits

Our professional portrait photography service in Singapore also includes corporate portraits for senior managements, such as Presidents, CEO, directors of corporate organizations. The key to this sub genre of portrait photography is to brig out the best look of the leader. It is different from resumes and individual portraiture.

Corporate environmental portrait of organization leaders need to convey a sense of professionalism, authority, and respect. This is particularly important if the portrait is going to be used for press releases or company annual reports, where the aim is to present the CEO as a serious and credible business leader.

Additionally, the portraits send a message that they take their position and their role seriously, and that they value professionalism and discipline. This can help to instill confidence in investors, stakeholders, and customers.

Fashion Portraits

Beauty and Fashion portrait photography are also part of commercial portraits photography. However they focus more towards the aesthetics of the models as the presentations of the models sells the products such as clothing, accessories or beauty accessories.

Creative Group Portraits

One of the challenges as professional portrait photographer is too create a harmonious yet creative group portraits. Compositions as well as lightings are the key to creating a visually captivating group portraiture. Besides these, the poses and expressions help to set the tone and give the group photo its essence. Thus, photoshoots like this require a large amount of planning and recce of locations.

Industrial Portrait

This sub genre of industrial portraits showcase people and equipment in an industrial or manufacturing setting. The purpose of industrial portraits is to capture the essence of the work environment and the people who work there, including their tools, machinery, and surroundings.

Professional Industrial portraits photography tells the stories about the industrial sector and the people who work in it, as well as showcasing the technical and mechanical aspects of the industry.

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Sports Portraits

Sports portraits photography captures the essence of the athletes by showcasing their determinations, pride and focus on their sports. Thus in the portrait photography and videography projects with the ASEAN Para games, the aim is to document such emotions into the visuals.

Using iconic landmarks from each para athletes’ countries as backdrop, we seek to create a unique series for the para games. Mixing ambient light with studio strobes, creates a surreal yet realistic look for the final portraits.

Studio Corporate headshots

Professional corporate studio portrait photography is commonly used by companies to present their management portraits. The plain background helps to keep focus on the subject without additional distraction of the background. All the attention is now on the expressions and lighting of the subject.

Corporate portraits for senior leaders in a multi-national corporation are very different from that of a resume business headshot. The latter rely on smiles to portray friendliness and approachability. However, formal corporate portraits need to represent the organization more than the person being photographed.

In the professional studio portraits sessions, Tuckys photography captures the authenticity of the leaders. The natural and relaxed body language coupled with genuine smiles on their face reflected their approachable personality

Most importantly, Tuckys Photography’s professional studio portraits portray a sense professionalism, confidence, and competence. These are the key that give our images the edge.

Underwater portrait

Tuckys Photography provide underwater portrait photography in Singapore pools as well as in suitable locations overseas. Such locations are usually shallow coral gardens that are sheltered from strong currents.

Finally, Tuckys Photography provide professional portraits photography in Singapore as well as around the region. The extensive and in depth experience in various sub genre of portraits photography helps to create stunning and captivating images for our clients.

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