Singapore Aerial Videographer and Photographer for unique visuals

Our professional brings a unique perspective to each project, utilizing advanced drone technology to capture breathtaking footage from the skies. Whether it’s showcasing scenic landscapes, dynamic construction sites, or swift marine activities, our aerial videography stands out for its engaging and immersive quality. We go beyond traditional methods, using drones to add a dramatic flair to every scene, creating visuals that leave a lasting impression. Explore the possibilities of engaging drone videography and bring a new dimension to your visual content.

Our Singapore operators have been licensed in Singapore since 2015. We have experience in acquiring UAV permits for UAV operations prior to the shoot.

Semakau Landfill taken in 2022 from the west. Professional landscape and architecture photography and videography by our corporate photographer
Due to the height restriction from CAAS, we have to use post-production to create the final aerial panorama image. The image shows the mangrove forest flourishing during the reclamation process.

Singapore Aerial videographer for engaging drone videography

UAV with drone video footage for interview
The power of unexpected angles lies in their ability to establish a captivating opening view, offering a wide perspective that draws viewers in. In this particular shot, our aerial videographer skillfully tracked a boat from above, providing a unique and dynamic perspective as it raced through the water village. These images not only engage the audience but also add a sense of excitement and novelty to the visual narrative, making each frame a compelling storytelling tool.
aerial photography  and videography of marine fast craft with drone in Singapore, Tuckys photography
Capturing a dramatic perspective of fast-moving marine vessels can be challenging, but the use of a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) makes it not only achievable but also enhances the visuals. Our skilled aerial videographer leverages UAV technology to get up close and personal, creating dynamic and compelling footage that adds a dramatic flair to the scenes. This innovative approach provides a unique and immersive experience for viewers, showcasing the power of aerial videography in capturing the extraordinary.

Singapore Aerial Photographer for offshore drone photography

Aerial photography and videography of oil tanker at Singapore's Eastern anchorage.
Aerial image of crude oil tanker Proteus Stephanie at the Eastern Petroleum Anchorage in Singapore before she resumes her journey.
Screen shot of drone video of construction site, professional corporate production
Offering a bird’s eye view of Malacca Port before transitioning into tighter shots serves as a strategic move to captivate the audience’s attention. These expansive angles not only draw viewers into the scene but also play a crucial role in elevating the overall production value. By providing a sweeping perspective before delving into finer details, the visual narrative gains depth and impact, creating a more immersive and compelling viewing experience.
Aerial UAV photography and videography for commercial marine ship, boat and vessels in singapore
Presenting a montage of our commercial aerial drone images featuring vessels and boats captured over the years. Our approach of getting up close and intimate with these vessels results in compelling aerial visuals for our clients. This showcase exemplifies how our aerial images and videos have the power to attract a multitude of viewers to your media content, making it both engaging and impactful.
Singapore business awards 2023.
2023 Singapore Business Awards – Best Aerial Photographer and Videographer
Singapore Aerial Videographer and Photographer for unique visualsEditorial Team
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