Singapore Aerial Videographer and Photographer for unique visuals

Our Singapore aerial photographer and videographer are licensed drone operators in Singapore since 2015. We have experience in acquiring UAV permits for drone photography and drone videography prior to the shoot.

Aerial videographer and photographer

Aerial photography and videography of oil tanker at Singapore's Eastern anchorage.
Aerial Photography and videography of crude oil tanker Proteus Stephanie at the Eastern Petroleum Anchorage in Singapore before she resumes her journey.
UAV with drone video footage for interview
Drone images are very useful in creating an establishing view because of the wide perspective. In this shot our aerial videographer followed the boat from above as it sped through the water village.
aerial photography and videography of marine fast craft with drone in Singapore Tuckys photography
Getting close to fast-moving marine vessels to get a dramatic perspective is usually difficult whereas, the use of an aerial drone makes such videography possible.
Semakau Landfill taken in 2022 from the west Professional landscape and architecture photography and videography by our corporate photographer
Permits for professional aerial photography and videography with drones were acquired before the shooting began.

Due to the height restriction from CAAS, we have to use post-production to create the final aerial panorama image. The image shows the mangrove forest flourishing during the reclamation process.

Screen shot of drone video of construction site professional corporate production
Our aerial videographer started with an aerial drone shot of the Port before going into tighter shots
Aerial UAV photography and videography for commercial marine ship boat and vessels in singapore
Here is a montage of our commercial aerial photography and videography for vessels and boats done over the years. Getting up close and intimate with the vessels allow us to provide more compelling aerial images for our clients. This is an example of how our aerial videographer can help draw many viewers to your media content
Singapore business awards 2023
2023 Singapore Business Awards Best Aerial Photographer and Videographer
Singapore Aerial Videographer and Photographer for unique visualsEditorial Team
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