Corporate Portrait Photography Singapore for professional headshot in the media

Elegant Corporate Portrait Photography Singapore by professional headshot photographer with decades of experience. We have worked with many multi-nationals corporations, photographing professional business headshot for their management profile. Professional headshots for each senior management leader are important because they represent the branding of the corporation. We help to conceptualize the business portrait, capturing branding and necessary elements to create the environmental setting.

Corporate Portrait Photography Singapore

The selection of location is important because it sets the theme for the image. The placement of lighting helps to sculpt the face, thus providing a flattering image for the subject.

Environmental Photoshoot

Singapore Corporate Portrait Photography for Corporate Headshots female director NATALIE HENNEDIGE FESTIVAL DIRECTOR SIFA 2022 2024 headshot was shot on a staircase at Victoria Theatre Female festival director in a suit smiling at the camera portraying a friendly personality and professional look
Photoshoot mixed with ambience lighting can be challenging because the use of studio lights needs to appear natural and yet sculpt the facial features of the subject.
Singapore Corporate photography by Commercial photographer for Professional business headshot of Soon Tee New Chief Executive Officer of Pick Network Pte Ltd CEO is in a jacket standing in front of their company lockers Studio photoshoot with professional lighting on location
Our professional headshot photographer first created a three dimension lighting on the CEO before adding lights to the room behind Thus creating a natural ambient lighting for the final image
Clement Schwebig regional President and Managing Director for Warner Bros Discovery Leadership team for India Southeast Asia and Korea INSEAK Professional corporate portrait photography for environmental corporate headshot of Warner Bros Discovery President and Managing Director taken in their Singapore office by Tuckys photography
The studio lights not only help to fill the background but also create an airy spacious and brightly lit space
professional corporate portrait photography for female CEO by Singapore corporate headshot photographer
Playing with depth of field allows us to focus on the subject instead of being distracted by the background
corporate portrait photography Singapore for female director Tuckys Photography
A strong colour contrast between the subject and the background also help to create a strong portrait.
professional corporate headshot on location Singapore Corporate Portrait Photography at victoria theatre
A good portrait not only captures the beauty of the location but uses it as a story setting for the subject
Editorial environmental portrait for Director Corporate Photography at Singapore old parliament
In some tricky situations where the environment is a little dull suitable lighting on the subject can also help to create a beautiful image
professional corporate portrait photography for Singapore minister by Tuckys Photography Singapore Corporate Portrait photographer
The majestic Singapore city skyline towers over the old shophouses next to the Singapore River

Corporate portrait photography Singapore with company branding

corporate portrait of Sony MD Mr Uemura at the singapore sony building lobby editorial corporate portrait use for magazine
We photographed this editorial portraiture of Sony MD Mr Uemura at the lobby The result was pleasing as an image of this series was used as the cover for HRM magazine
Powerful and engaging for a Corporate Headshots for male COO by Singapore professional headshot photographer Tuckys Photography
Studio lighting for environmental portraits allows us to shape the features easily instead of relying just on ambient lighting thus giving us more control
Studio corporate portrait photography by Singapore professional photographer Tuckys Photography for SAP president in their Singapore office SAP president is in a dark stripped suit with a yellow tie with arms folded in front of the SAP logo
Business headshot of SAP President Steve Watt captured in their Singapore Office The use of a yellow tie resulted in a nice colour compliment to the image
professional corporate portrait photography with studio lighting in Singapore Paypal office of David Marcus for editorial images
An editorial shot of Paypal President David Marcus when he visited Singapore for a China magazine
Singapore Corporate Portrait Photography Chairman of Avani in their Singapore office
Business portrait for the company profile with the <a href=httpavanisgavani profile mission vision boardboard members target=_blank rel=noopener noreferrer>Chairman standing in front of the logo<a>
Environmental shoot of Female VP APAC Sunita Kaur Spotify for media release in singapore
Professional business portraiture of female director Sunita Kaur from Spotify
Business head shot shooting with studio lights on location
Yu Junde VP of Sales and Support App Annie image by our professional headshot photographer at a conservation house


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Corporate Portrait Photography Singapore for professional headshot in the mediaEditorial Team
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