Interior Photography

Interior photography are not only for private homes and landed houses. They can also be part of the architecture presentation for commercial buildings and retail spaces. Besides these, do also check out our playground photography at Changi Airport.

Commercial and Industrial

Interior architecture photography at Marina bay sands. by tuckys

Ned Khan’s Vortex is a large whirlpool which forms inside a large acrylic bowl and falls 2-stories below.

architecture shoot of vortex in Marina Bay Sands, by Tuckys

We used long exposure so that we can capture silky flow of water from the vortex.

Industrial interior photography for rolls-royce engine blast

In order to create a more unique perspective the

Industrial photography for Rolls-Royce engine test facilities in Singapore aerospace,tuckys

Turning around, right in front of the engine, is the air inlet turning vane for engine.

artistic interior photography for blast engine test cell, by Tuckys

The vertical panels are silencer for noise during the air in take for engine test.

Architecture photoshoot for award winning playground in Jewel, singapore Changi Airport, by Tucky

The bright and playful yellow colour contrasted with the metallic fa├žade of the building.

Creative bespoke playground, by tuckys

The chrome exterior of the playground reflects out the lights and colour of the surroundings. Thus creating the look of a precious gem glittering in the beautiful jewel.

Retail Interior Photography

Interior Photography for shop fronts in shopping mall, tuckys

A bright and clean image of a skin care shop front attract consumers who are looking for more professional and reliable brands.

interior photography for retail shop hires in shopping centre, by Tuckys

Shooting in shopping malls are challenging because we are always mindful of the other retail brand.

commercial photoshoot for retail shop designs, by tuckys

Interior shoot with a warmer feel to give clients a more welcoming look at the Clarins boutique,

Commercial shoot for modern retail space design, Tuckys

Intimate lifestyle interior for retail space which caters towards a younger crowd at the shopping malls.

Commercial space photoshoot for skin care boutiique, tuckys

Images for retail space needs to look inviting and professional so as to attract customers.

A clean and bright spa instills a sense of confidence for the consumers. However a touch of green made them feel more relax.

Residential Interior Photography

Interior photography for Home decor design,by tuckys

A baroque and opulent residential home design with gold and lavish furniture.

interior photography residential home design, by tuckys

Earth wood tones are the trends now for modern home designs because it gave a calming and relaxing environment to the residents.

commercial homes design photo shoot, by tuckys

A combined dining and cooking area with high ceiling fans to ventilate the room.

Architecture residential home photo shoot, by tuckys

Getting a feel of the home design from the exterior to the room

Interior Photographytucktuck