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Corporate marketing videos for Playgrounds

We did a corporate marketing video of a bespoke playground for Playpoint.The Wonderland Playground has its theme inspired by Alice in Wonderland. In addition to the wonderland characters, it was also a fun and aesthetically captivating playground. Because besides the striking colours, there are also trampoline, slides, see-saws for the kids. The video aims to show the little adventures the kids can have.

corporate marketing video for playground, tuckys photography

Check out the scene where the kids pose in front of the funky mirror.

Multi award winning discovery slide commissioned by the Changi Airport was definitely a playground for adults and kids. The video shows the different architecture aspect of the playground. Firstly, the impressive chrome finish which wraps around the whole structure. Secondly, the integration of multiples slides, from the exciting 90 degrees drop to the gentle giant slide near the entry. And most importantly, the entire structure looks like a beautiful sculpture which allows for vistors to admire.

Sometime photography alone is not sufficient to show the full magnitude of the landscape done. Hence, aerial videos are needed to give a more comprehensive extend of the nature park.

landscape video of windsor nature park, tuckys photography

An aerial shot with a drone flying between the trees at Windsor nature park. Of course, such work will require permit from CAAS and Nparks before we can proceed.

This is an underwater shoot that we did for the promotion for The Finger Players’ production, Framed, by Adolf. Besides doing corporate marketing videos, we also provide commercial marketing photography, archival photography and videography for theatre performance

Underwater videography for commercial marketing, by Tuckys photography

An underwater screen shot from our video, showing the main cast, Joshua struggling in the dark abyss.

An interrogation scene for one of our marketing video with The Finger Players.

A product video for marine craft. Check out more of our industrial video here.


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