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We provide Singapore corporate events videography services as well as photography services. By understanding the requirements and purpose of the videos, we can then plan for the story. A corporate video is about sending a message. Identifying the targeted audience helps to focus on that message. A corporate video is a powerful marketing tool to show off the quality of the products and services. Besides that, it can also explain the capability and work of the company. We structured our videos with the flow of the events, channelling the viewers towards those perspectives.

Singapore Book Council with #Buysinglit event 2020


Meet Singapore writers and discover how they think.

corporate events videographer for Singapore arts events, Tuckys photography

#buySingLit 2020 event was span over 2 weekends. The opening show started off with a bang at the Pasir Panjang Power station with an installation performance.

buysinglit arts events video at keong siak street, tuckys photography

Fans got a chance to meet the authors at the Cosy Books Actually at Keong Siak Street.

Idea Ink with the Monetary Authority of Singapore

I believe in the power of beautiful visuals!

Singapore Fintech Festival x Switch 2019


corporate events videography at Singapore fintech festival with Idea Ink and MAS, Tuckys Photography

In the video, we showed the active engagement of the Minister of Finance at the MAS Pavilion at SFF x Switch 2019. Because footages like these add testament to show the works are well received.

professional videography at singapore fintech festival x switch 2019, tuckys Photography

We captured some interesting footages of AR in action so we can show how impressive it really was.

Singapore Fintech Festival 2019 x Switch video with Idea Ink, tuckys Photography

Led display wall with all graphic recordings throughout the whole festival. Visitors can easily download the recordings through a QR code because all recordings were digital.

Singapore Corporate Events videography for Roadshow

Its a piece of art and it makes very complex information very beautiful and very easy to understand

Festival video for conference, tuckys photography

A close up shot of a man taking a photo of the beautiful graphic recording that was done just minutes ago.

corporate events vidoegraphy for major conference in singapore,tuckys photography

We captured the audience’s response as the visitors crowd around to take images of the graphic recordings,


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